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Reflections on the Crane Project


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Class Summary


  • Each student adopted a crane to cheer along
  • We read about cranes
  • We wrote stories and information about cranes
  • We wrote to pen pals in Kentucky, Florida and Texas
  • We did "crane math" (adding, subtracting, graphing, estimating)
  • We followed the migration on a map
  • We did art (pop-up cranes, paper crane hats, paper mache cranes)
  • We had an award ceremony when the cranes reached Florida



  • We got our parents to donate coins to Operation Migration
  • A lady donated a mile of travel expenses in our class' honour
  • We helped convince ExxonMobil to donate some money to Operation Migration

Mrs. Black's Note:  My students should feel very proud of themselves!  They helped inspire others to give $3,000. (CAD) to Operation Migration, to fund this year's Ultralight-guided migration.


  • Our project was on the internet (our class web page, the Operation Migration web page, the Journey North web page, The Simcoe County District School Board web page )
  • Our project was in the newspaper (Orillia Packet and Times, Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal)
  • Our project was on T.V. (A-Channel News)
  • Lots of our family members became "craniacs" too!
  • We got free t-shirts (a class set from Operation Migration, four from Journey North)



In the Future...

"I will remember the paper mache cranes and our class website most. I will also remember the mapping and doing math, and reading and writing." by Brittany

"I will remember adopting a crane, because I got to know more about that crane, and making paper mache because it was fun."
by Natasha

"I will remember the free t-shirts from Operation Migration and Journey North. I will also remember that ExxonMobil donated money to Operation Migration because of our letters. We helped the cranes!" by Curtis

"I will remember that we donated money to Operation Migration. The donation part was kind of fun... counting the coins and knowing that we were helping the cranes. I will also remember the paper mache because it was really fun." by Kalina

"What I will remember most about the crane project is adopting my own crane (614). I will also remember our class having its own website. I think I will remember these things best because I go on the computer a lot." by Amelia

"This is what I'll remember about the cranes: the paper mache because I liked making the cranes; being on T.V. because we were on A-Channel News; being in the newspaper, because now we are famous." by Colton

"I will remember my crane number (618) because I am proud of my crane. I will also remember the paper mache because it was gooey and fun!"
by Jackson

"I will remember that I made a paper mache Whooping Crane and I drew some pictures. The photos in our class helped us with our art." by Sami

"I will remember getting a free t-shirt and guessing when the cranes would land. I guessed the 20th and I was the closest." by Theresa

"What I will remember most about the crane project is when my pop-up crane art was on Journey North. It was really fun to share my design with other kids. I will also remember adopting #601 because he was a very cute little chick. he flew all but one leg of the migration on his own. I was really proud of him!" by Amy 

"I will remember to tell my kids that I was on A-Channel News. I got to tell everyone about the cranes." by Tallon

"What I will remember most is our class website because my letters are on there. I liked getting crane information off the internet." by Alicia

"What I will remember most about the crane project is my bird number (619) , being in the Orillia Packet and Times and making paper mache cranes. I cheered on my bird, I was in the paper, personally, and I will keep my paper mache bird forever." by Patrisha

"What I will remember most about the crane project is my crane number (615), being on A-Channel News and having my picture on our class website. I also loved making the pop-up cranes."
by Alex

"This is what I will remember most about the Whooping Crane project: the paper mache cranes and being in the Orillia Packet and Times. My picture was in the paper." by Aimee 

"What I will remember most about the crane project is donating money, because we helped the cranes, and being on T.V., because it was fun." by Rebecca-Lynn

"I will remember the paper mache cranes because they were fun." by Zachary

"What I will remember most is giving money to help the cranes, my favourite crane (607) and that all the cranes made it to Florida!" by Emily

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