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Did you know...


  • All of the Whooping Cranes in existence are of Canadian descent?  (i.e. They are all offspring of the Western Flock which, in 1941, only numbered 15 individuals, and which has always nested in Northern Canada.)



  • The Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada co-chairs the International Whooping Crane Recovery Team?  The principal strategy of the International Whooping Crane Recovery Plan is to increase the wild population by reducing threats, and by establishing two additional populations:  a non-migratory population in central Florida and a migratory population summering in Wisconsin and wintering in Florida.



  • Bill Lishman and Joe Duff's non-profit organization Operation Migration is a founding member of the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership?  WCEP a unique Canadian-American affilation of governments, non-profit organizations, citizens and corporations working together to bring a migratory flock of Whooping Cranes back to eastern North America.



  • All of Operation Migration's year-round employees and about half of their migration crew are Canadians?