"Paper Mache Whooping Crane" Craft Instructions


Step 1:
Construct a frame out of paper rolls, balloons and tape


Step 2:
Apply the first coat of paper mache (newsprint)


An end-of-day "crane round up!"


Step 3:
Apply the second coat of paper mache (white paper)


Step 4:
Apply a coat of white paint, if necessary


Step 5:
Spray paint the crane's feet and legs; 
mount the crane on a cardboard base


Step 6:
Add a cardboard beak; paint the crane's markings


Step 7:
Add eyes, cardboard wings, a tissue paper tail and a "crane tag"; 
make "tissue paper grass," to cover the cardboard base


Step 8:
Enjoy the finished product!



For more details, see the following instructions, which we adapted for the purposes of this project: