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 Teacher's Corner

On this page, you will find teaching resources and links to information about
wildlife rehabilitation, environmental education, biodiversity and Canadian animals.
Our Teacher's Corner is a work-in-progress. Check back periodically for new content.

"Help Me Stay Wild" Cross-Curricular Project Resources

Click on an image below to download a two-page Aspen Valley project resource. Each resource includes curriculum-based learning ideas for Literacy, Numeracy and other subject areas, plus a variety of outreach opportunities. These resources are geared toward students in Grades 4-6, but can easily be adapted for younger or older students.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Environmental/Wildlife Education


     Project Ideas


Animal Facts & Tips

Join the Honour Roll

Help us share what kids have done to support the sanctuary. E-mail us a picture and brief write-up, explaining how your class helped Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, and we'll post your story so it can inspire others!

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