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This is the place where you can learn about wildlife rehabilitation,
how kids can help, and link to some great activity sheets, online games,
and information about Canadian animals!

What is Wildlife Rehabilitation?

Wildlife Rehabiliation Centres, like Aspen Valley:

  • Rescue

    • baby wild animals that have become separated from their mothers

    • injured wild animals

    • ill wild animals

  • Rehabilitate

    • care for the animals until they are strong enough to live on their own in the wild

  • Release

    • set animals free in the area where they were rescued, so they can live out the rest of their lives as wild animals

Aspen Valley specializes in the care of native Ontario mammals. Rehabilitating animals is hard work and costs a lot of money. Animals in rehabilitation need proper housing, food and medical care. Some baby animals have to be hand-fed formula many times a day until they are big enough to eat solid food. Baby animals also need to retain a healthy fear of humans, and be taught the skills they will need to survive in the wild.

In addition to rehabilitating animals, Aspen Valley provides a permanent home to Ontario mammals that would not survive in the wild. Most of the sanctuary's permanent residents were raised by humans, are too used to people, and don't have the skills they need to live on their own. Others, like Mikey the Fisher, have a medical condition that would make it hard to survive in the wild. Caring for all of these animals is also very costly.

For more information about Wildlife Rehabilitation, see the links on our "Teacher's Corner" page:

How Can Kids Help?

  • Raise Funds

    Here are some ways you can raise money to help the sanctuary buy the things it needs to care for the animals:

    • donate some of your allowance or babysitting money

    • collect spare change from your relatives and your parents’ friends

    • make and sell crafts

    • frame and sell pieces of your artwork

    • make and sell greeting cards or gift tags

    • set up a gift wrapping service, and offer to wrap items for a small fee

    • make a deal with a relative: “I will (do something extra helpful and amazing), if you will make a donation to the sanctuary.” (e.g. do chores without being reminded, do extra chores, give up junk food or electronics for a period of time, etc.)

    • offer to work for relatives and neighbours (e.g. wash cars, mow lawns, rake leaves, chop wood, shovel snow, pet sit, walk dogs, etc.)

    • run a lemonade stand

    • make and sell baked goods to your friends, relatives and neighbours

    • organize a “skip-a-thon” for yourself and some friends; ask people to sponsor you

    • ask your parents to help you organize a garage/yard sale


  • Be a Hero

    You can be a hero, and inspire others with your commitment to wildlife, by asking friends and relatives to donate to the sanctuary instead of giving you birthday or Christmas gifts!

    This is a link to our donation page:


  • Adopt an Animal

Our main work is to rescue, rehabilitate and release animals back into the wild, but we are also providing sanctuary to over twenty animals that can no longer survive on their own. When you adopt one of our permanent residents, your money helps to pay for that animal's food, enclosure maintenance and medical costs. To thank you for your help, we will send you an adoption certificate, information about the animal of your choice, and a picture of him or her.

These are some of the permanent residents that are available for adoption. Click on any photo to read about the animal.

The price list for adoptions and an online payment button are available at this link:

If you would rather print an adoption form that you can mail in, click here.


  • Grant a Wish

    There are a number of items that the sanctuary needs to care for the animals. These are some things on our "wish list" that you can collect for us:

    • pine cones, acorns, maple keys, nuts and seeds, to feed baby animals, such as squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, porcupines and fawns

    • old blankets, towels and face clothes we can use as bedding

    • stuffed animals for the baby animals to cuddle (ones without buttons and eyes that can come loose are best)

    • dog toys, and baby toys that are safe for animals


  • Join the Honour Roll 

Help us share what kids are doing to support the sanctuary. E-mail us a picture and brief write-up, explaining how you helped Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, and we'll post your story so it can inspire others!

To see current Honour Roll members, click here

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