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Meet some of the heroes of Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary:
fund raisers and volunteers who have performed amazing acts of kindness,
generosity and creativity to support the animals in our care! 

Joining the Squirrel Brigade!
Aspen Valley volunteer and mother of three, Kim Choocomolin, heard about Mrs. Black's food drive for baby animals (see below). She helped out by promoting and coordinating the collection of acorns, maple keys and pine cones in her neighbourhood and at her sons' school, in Barrie. On behalf of the orphaned baby squirrels and fawns that will be overwintering us, thank you Kim, the teachers and students at Steele Street P.S., and all the other neighbourhood kids who pitched in. We really appreciate your help!!
Math That Makes A Difference
In September, 2013, Mrs. Black's Grade 4/5 class, at Rama Central P.S., invited the entire school to bring in acorns, maple keys and pine cones from home. The class completed a math project with these items, calculating totals, fractions, graphing the items, and estimating how long the food they collected would last if fed to baby squirrels. Then, they delivered 12 lbs. of maple keys, 35 lbs. of acorns and 50 lbs. of pine cones to the sanctuary. We are using them to feed orphaned baby animals!
Read about this project on Mrs. Black's class BLOG:
A Hero Twice Over!
In September 2013, Kerry from Ottawa celebrated his birthday by asking his relatives to help him sponsor our beavers, instead of giving him gifts. Kerry also did this two years ago, and has used the adoption package and other information we sent him in 2011 to make numerous presentations about beavers. A beaver never had a better friend than Kerry! 

(Pictured: Permanent resident Brooke, who came to us from a zoo in London, Ontario.) 
Hands-on Help from UK Students
In August 2013, sixteen high school students and five leaders from the United Kingdom spent a week volunteering at the sanctuary. They helped with construction of Wilder the Otter's new enclosure, cleaned out the old Kindergarten building, cut brush around several permanent enclosures, removed old fencing and pens, split and stacked firewood, and completed a variety of other small projects.

Read about this project in the Parry Sound North Star:
Going the Distance for Baby Animals
Every year, volunteers come from all over the globe to assist with "baby season" at Aspen Valley. These young people pay their own travel and living expenses, stay on-site in our bunkhouse, and work more-than-full-time for a month or more, feeding and caring for orphaned, injured and ill animals that have found their way to our rehabilitation centre. Pictured are some of the remarkable volunteers who called Aspen Valley their temporary home in 2013!

If you are at 18 or older, and can offer month or more of your time as a full time volunteer, contact us:
Making the Most of Media Literacy
In June 2013, Mrs. Black's Grade 5/6 class, at Rama Central P.S., brainstormed pages and pages of great literacy, numeracy, science, social studies, arts and fund raising ideas to accompany Aspen Valley's "Help Me Stay Wild" graphic series. Many of the class' activities were incorporated into the Project Idea Sheets that are now available on our Teacher's Corner page!

Read about this project on Mrs. Black's class BLOG: 
Giving from the Heart 
In November 2012, students in Pam Newton's Grade 1/2 class, at Humphrey P.S., donated their stuffed animals, and collected stuffed animals and linens from other students throughout the school, to help Aspen Valley comfort and care for orphaned baby animals. By the end of their campaign, the class had collected almost twenty large bags of linens and stuffed animals to donate to the sanctuary!

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Rotarians Help Raccoons
In the Spring of 2012, the Parry Sound Rotary Club donated funds toward the cost of constructing new raccoon cages for the sanctuary. The Huntsville Rotary Club supplied the labour. A dozen members of Rotary Club Huntsville spent three weeks constructing and tweaking cages to house orphaned baby raccoons. When they were finished, they delivered ten 3' X 4' X 5' cages to the sanctuary.

Read about this project in the Huntsville Forester:

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